Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 97: Spring Valley Winery

Spring Valley Vineyard is one of the few true estate wineries in Washington. They grow the fruit on land that has been in their family for generations. Their Tasting Room is located at 18 North Second Avenue in Walla Walla. For a $5. tasting fee that is refundable with a purchase of wine, there is the opportunity to taste the Spring Valley wines that are named after their ancestors.

Uriah-A big, rich, and full bodied Merlot.

Frederick- A Cabernet Sauvignon blend offering amazing depth, with aromas of cedar and cherry.

Nina Lee- This 100% Syrah is earthy and ripe, with sweet scents of violet, flavors of cherry, caramel, and chocolate.

Mule Skinner-This 100% Merlot is big and lush, rich in jammy fruit with subtle floral notes.

Derby-A 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with a layer of mild tannins around a core of black currant.

Katherine Corkrum- A Cabernet Franc that offers a ultra-complex and earthy nose of wheat, hay, tobacco leaf, herbs, black pepper, wet dirt and violet followed by solid structure and plenty of summer fresh berries, cherry liquor, and peppery perfume.

The Nina Lee is tasted last and is paired with a delicious piece of chocolate made by Brights Candy Shop. It is a dark cacao with the Nina Lee wine in the cent of the soft Grenache.

Spring Valley Tasting Room is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday 10am-4pm and Sunday 11am-4pm. Their web site is

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